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    Welcome to I M WELL!

    I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness (I M WELL) serves to assist you in experiencing an optimal lifestyle that is centered in holistic health and wellness. Our mission is to assist as many people as possible with living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle that embraces meaning and purpose. Our framework for an optimal lifestyle is based on 10 Pillars that represent different areas of your life.

    We focus on healthy living which is the foundation for everything else. Nutrition and lifestyle are essential to establishing and maintaining good health. We achieve this through exposure, engagement, education, encouragement, and empowerment (5E); and working with individuals, providers, organizations, and healthcare systems.

    I M WELL strives to have individuals become active participants in their healthcare and ultimately own their health and wellness. Our approach comprises 10 Pillars of Health and Wellness for a balanced, joyful lifestyle. I M WELL uses multiple modes of engagement to improve health and wellness: health and wellness challenges; virtual live educational sessions (in-person events will be available in the near future); podcasts; group coaching; one-on-one coaching; and health and wellness programs.

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  • Upcoming H&W Virtual Sessions
    October Events

    10/01/2021: Vine & Verse Book Discussion - Rev. Dr. Anthony-Lang will discuss her 9th book, Spiritual Awakening - 7 Shifts from Who I am to Who I am Becoming you should be adding to your grocery cart for optimal health.
    Presenter: Rev. Dr. A’Shellarien Anthony-Lang

    10/05/2021: Reduce Inflammation Naturally - Inflammation can be a friend or foe but when it sticks around too long, it can cause long term health problems. Learn how your diet can influence the inflammation in your body and the foods and spices you should be adding to your grocery cart for optimal health.
    Presenter: Angela Angela Parreco, RD, LDN

    10/11/2021: Entrepreneur Mastermind Session - This mastermind group session is for Sketched on a Napkin (SON) entrepreneurs to provide SON entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate and assist each other with addressing challenges and pursuing opportunities.
    Host: Darin Wright, Founder of SON & I M

    10/14/2021: Prescription for Living a Fulfilling Life II - Attend this session led by two dynamic life coaches who have teamed up once again! They have decades of business, life management and leadership experience. They have worked together in various roles to transform multiple organizations. Together they launched MD Health Care Management Solutions to assist healthcare providers with optimizing their business. They come together now as life coaches to guide you in improving your self-awareness and developing the right mindset which are critical to transforming your life.
    Presenters: Mitchell Slade, MBA, CLC; Darin Wright, EMTM, CLC

    10/19/2021: Love Your Guts - Did you know that your digestive system (gut) health plays an important role in the health of the rest of your body? Most illnesses are due to a compromise digestive tract. Join us as we discuss why gut health is so important and the foods you should add to your diet – those pre and probiotics – to improve your gut health. Presenter: Angela Angela Parreco, RD, LDN

    10/21/2021: Wellness in Leadership - Wellness is not limited to the things outside of ourselves that one may do for self, it is most importantly the things we manage from within at a cellular level that have the greatest impact! This energy driven hour of power is designed to awaken the Wellness Leader in you. In this session Leadership Coach Nilajah Renee shares a snippet of her personal journey to Wellness Leadership. Additionally, Nilajah will coach the group around and through this CORE question: "What would a life of wellness look like for you, and what will be your wellness legacy?"
    Presenter: Nilajah Renee, MS.Ed., CPC, ELI.MP Leadership Coach

    TBD: I Belong, We Belong - Panel Discussion on how DEI or lack thereof impacts one's health and wellness. Join this session to hear and heal yourself and others in the workplace.
    Host: Darin Wright, DEI Consultant

    TBD: Spiritual Wellness - What it Means to Me: Join this session to learn an authentic meaning of spiritual wellness and why it is a vital aspect of your overall well-being. The word "spiritual" or “spirituality” is often misunderstood and wrongly associated with institutional religion, metaphysics, anti-science, or the occult. Spiritual well-being is as uniquely individual as one's health and well-being. Learn actions your can take to start or incorporate into your spiritual journey.
    Presenter: Darin Wright, CLC- I M Your Coach

    TBD: Be a Friend - In this session you encourage and empower you to take actions to being more environmentally friendly and becoming more climate justice conscious. You will gain a better understanding of the science and terms related to climate change. Climate change is here and it is a crisis which demands that we all take action. Doing nothing is no longer an option.
    Presenter: Darin Wright, Climate Reality Leader

    The majority of sessions are interactive where you can ask questions in real-time. Shortly after registrating for free events you will receive the link. For fee-based events, the link will be emailed shortly before the scheduled event.

    You can view the entire I M Event Calender of upcoming events.

    The I M calendar is constantly updated so sign-up to receive notifications about upcoming events.

    Registration is required to attend all of our sessions.

I M WELL Engagement

  • Challenges

    Engage with others as you take on challenges to improve your health & wellness[…]

  • Group Coaching

    Step up your health and wellness by participating in group coaching sessions[…]

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    Receive individualized coaching to meet your specific growth needs[…]

  • reIMagine Wellness

    Employee well-being is the foundation for long-term success[…]

  • Virtual Summit

    Step up your health and wellness by participating in group coaching sessions[…]

  • Tools & Resources

    We recommend tools & resources to assist you on your health and wellness journey[…]

I M Challenging You To Live Better!

Take part in I M WELL Health & Wellness Challenges to jumpstart your health and wellness journey. You will receive challenges throughout the week to encourage and empower you to improve your health and wellness and goal-setting. The challenges are broad to allow you to improvise to accommodate your lifestyle.


  • One of three I M WELL Health & Wellness engagement modes
  • To encourage, educate, and empower participants to own their health and wellness
  • To provide and exchange health & wellness information
  • To serve as a source for accountability partners
  • To inspire and motivate one another to live a better life
  • To encourage preventive healthcare
  • IS NOT a competition
  • IS NOT a platform to promote any specific path, diet, or lifestyle


Holistic Health & Wellness Virtual Summit 2021

This summit will be a series of virtual lectures, panel discussions, and interactive sessions to encourage, educate and empower you to start or continue on your health and wellness journey. The sessions will be led by medical professionals, trainers, coaches, instructors, and other experienced individuals who will share their knowledge and insight to assist you in owning your health and wellness. The first session will be a panel discussion on the topic "How to Start Your Health & Wellness Journey" that will provide tips and recommendations for getting started.

Let's get better together!

You don't have to take the journey alone.
Connecting with others is key to your health and wellness.

I M WELL in conjuction with Professional Executive Program uses Xcellere Professional Performance Management (XPPM) tool developed by eblackwidow.com, LLC. XPPM is a framework and suite of tools for developing high-performing professionals. XPPM assists individuals with identifying and managing their professional development objectives and goals.

Xcellere is taken from the Latin word "excellere" which means "to be eminent; to excel; to rise; to surpass”.

eblackwidow and Professional Executive Program are
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I M WELL is an I M Brand

I M WELL is an I M Possible Mall (I M) (www.IMpossiblemall.com) brand. The I M portfolio is comprised of over 100 integrated businesses and brands that focus on human potentiality by providing personal, professional, and organizational development products, services, and resources.