I M WELL Health and Wellness is an holistic approach to health and wellness. Our health is more than our physical body, it is multi-dimensional and integrated. One can have a healthy body but be ill mentally, emotional, or spiritually. One could receive a great doctor's report but may not be experiencing financial or social wellness. Illness or discontent in one area can cause illness in another area such as mental stress can lead to high blood pressure.

Our programs are built on 10 Pillars that support a balanced lifestyle. The term pillars is often referred to as domains or collectively as the wheel of life. Each of our modes of engagement addresses each pillar on different levels and depths. Our coaching programs assess each Pillar to determine which area needs improvement based on our client's present situation and future vision.

10 Pillars of Holistic Health & Wellness

  • Spirituality Pillar focuses on the benefits and importance of "connectedness" to Nature/environment, to people, and to your purpose. Spirituality is about finding your purpose; and living by a set of heart-centered, harmonious beliefs and principles whereby you appreciate and respect all that exists. Spirituality focuses on appreciating the oneness of everything and becoming part of that oneness.
  • Mental Pillar focuses on the importance of maintaining mental wellness that is predicated on mental development, intellectual stimulation, and continuous learning to improve your mental well-being and health.
  • Physical Pillar focuses on maintaining a healthy brain, heart, and body by proper nutrition, exercising, and having a lifestyle conducive to your overall health; monitoring your health and regularly visiting your physician; and avoiding habits that may be detrimental to your health such as smoking.
  • Emotional Pillar focuses on developing self-awareness to monitor your thoughts and emotions; and developing the cognitive and coping abilities to manage and express your emotions in a healthy manner.
  • Financial Pillar focuses on developing a healthy relationship with money; having fundamental financial literacy; and maintaining a lifestyle commensurate with your financial means.
  • Career Pillar focuses on assessing current career path or determining a new career path. This pillar focuses on seeking an occupation and career that provide fulfillment by providing you the environment to utilize your gifts, skills, and talents and ultimately aligining with your purpose.
  • Social Pillar focuses on the ability to connect with others and building strong, authentic relationships; having meaningful social interactions; have a network of friends to engage in activities; and having a sense of belonging.
  • Familial Pillar focuses on making time to develop healthy relationships by consistently spending quality, uninterrupted time with family members.
  • Culture/Arts Pillar focuses on integrating culture & art into your life whether it be music, arts, dance, etc. as art and culture has a way of connecting to us and connecting us to others in ways beyond our intellect; and provides the means for us to express ourselves beyond words. Tapping into your own creative expression can be transformative.
  • Environmental Pillar focuses on the wellness of your spaces (home, car, office, etc.) and the larger environment, Nature. This pillar focuses on creating, protecting or visiting spaces that support your health and wellness.

We believe these 10 Pillars represent a holistic approach to health and wellness resulting in a well-balanced lifestyle. Ensuring each area receives appropriate attention increases your ability to enjoy a life filled with health, wellness and joy. It may seem overwhelming to manage 10 areas but you will learn that you can work on multiple pillars with a single activity such as exercising while listening to motivating music works on your physical and cultural pillars. Attend a cultural event with family and/or friends and you address cultural, familial, and social pillars. Add a healthy meal to your gathering and you have addressed your physical pillar.

We understand that health and wellness is a personal journey and because of our diversity across many demographics and metrics leads each of us to develop an approach tailored to our specific goals. These 10 Pillars serve as a framework to building the foundation for a balanced lifestyle. Use them as a guide or create your own pillars. The objective is to create pillars that are meaininful to you that will support your lifestyle of health, wellness, and joy. You make this happen by setting goals.

For more information email us: IMWELL@IMpossiblemall.com