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    Welcome to I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness!

    It is 2023! Our intention this year is to focus on reconnection. After several years of isolation, divisiveness, chaos, and uncertainty many people are experiencing a feeling of disconnection. Our intention for 2023 is to encourage and empower everyone to reconnect to Self, Humanity, Nature, and to the Divine however you choose to recognize it. We will be reconnecting along a natural pathway meaning we will share information on how to incorporate natural foods and methods into your lifestyle as well as strategies for upcycling food and reusing products to reduce negative impact to the environment. It's all about reconnecting!

    I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness (I M WELL) remains committed to assisting you in creating a lifestyle that is centered on holistic, natural health and wellness. We strive to assist as many people as possible with living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle that embraces meaning and purpose. We achieve this through encouragement, exposure, engagement, education, and empowerment (5E). I M WELL works with individuals, providers, organizations, and healthcare systems.

    Our framework for an optimal lifestyle is based on 10 Pillars that represent various components of your life. These 10 Pillars serve as an example of how to assess your current and desired lifestyles to better achieve your goals.

    Be intentional about reconnecting with all that is in 2023!!!

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    First time registrants must sign up on the Connect page before registering for any events.

    Our mission is to encourage you to improve your health by providing evidence-based natural holistic health & wellness education to empower you to make better health and wellness decisions, and to improve your relationship with your health care team. Our health is dependent upon a healthly environment therefore we encourage everyone to be environmentally conscious on their health journey.

    I M WELL focuses on 10 Integral Components for living a holistic healthy lifestyle.

    Living Well Advocates are available to provide Life, Health, Career, and Spiritual coaching and guidance to individuals and groups.

    I M Sessions occur after each presentation to allow members the opportunity to ask questions to assist in their participate in an Implementation Mastery session to learn how to integrate the information into their lifestyle.

    I M Network provides I M WELL with additional services and products making it an inclusive entiry for your health, wellness, personal, and professional growth.

    Calendar of Events

    View our calendar for upcoming events Our calendar is constantly updated so sign-up to receive notifications about upcoming events.

    The link to all free events will be emailed to you shortly after registering with information on how to join the event. For fee-based events, the link will be emailed shortly before the scheduled event.

    Registration is required to attend all of our sessions.

I M WELL Engagement

  • Challenges

    Engage with others as you take on challenges to improve your health & wellness[…]

  • Group Coaching

    Step up your health and wellness by participating in group coaching sessions[…]

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    Receive individualized coaching to meet your specific growth needs[…]

  • reIMagine Wellness

    Employee well-being is the foundation for long-term success[…]

  • Virtual Summit

    Step up your health and wellness by attending our presentations and/or participating in group health & wellness coaching sessions[…]

  • Tools & Resources

    We recommend tools & resources to assist you on your health and wellness journey[…]

I M Challenging You To Live Better!

Take part in I M WELL Health & Wellness Challenges to jumpstart your health and wellness journey. You will receive challenges throughout the week to encourage and empower you to improve your health and wellness and goal-setting. The challenges are broad to allow you to improvise to accommodate your lifestyle.


  • One of three I M WELL Health & Wellness engagement modes
  • To encourage, educate, and empower participants to own their health and wellness
  • To provide and exchange health & wellness information
  • To serve as a source for accountability partners
  • To inspire and motivate one another to live a better life
  • To encourage preventive healthcare
  • IS NOT a competition
  • IS NOT a platform to promote any specific path, diet, or lifestyle


Holistic Health & Wellness Virtual Summit Continues in 2023

Our summit is a series of virtual and in-person lectures and events, panel discussions, and interactive sessions to encourage, educate and empower you to start or continue your health and wellness journey. The sessions are led by medical professionals, dieticians/nutritionists, trainers, coaches, instructors, and other experienced individuals. These professionals volunteer their time to share their knowledge and insight to guide you in owning your health and wellness.

Let's get better together!

You don't have to take the journey alone.
Connecting with others is key to your health and wellness.

I M WELL is an I M Brand

I M WELL is an I M Possible Mall (I M) (www.IMpossiblemall.com) brand. The I M portfolio is comprised of over 100 integrated businesses and brands that focus on human potentiality by providing personal, professional, and organizational development products, services, and resources.