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    Welcome to I M WELL!

    I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness (I M WELL) mission is to promote holistic health and wellness for the purpose of improving health and healthcare. We achieve this through exposure, engagement, education, encouragement, and empowerment (5E); and working with individuals, providers, organizations, and healthcare systems.

    I M WELL strives to have individuals become active participants in their healthcare and ultimately own their health and wellness. Our approach comprises 10 Pillars of Health and Wellness for a balanced, joyful lifestyle. I M WELL uses multiple modes of engagement to improve health and wellness: health and wellness challenges; virtual live educational sessions (in-person events will be available in the near future); podcasts; group coaching; one-on-one coaching; and health and wellness programs.

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  • Upcoming H&W Virtual Sessions

    Week of 06/06/2021
    06/07 - How to Start Your Health & Wellness Journey - If you are ready to get healthy but not sure where to start then attend this virtual session. You will learn some foundational actions you can take to jumpstart your health and wellness journey. To acheive long lasting results, you must develop a health and wellness mindset.

    06/10 - Developing the Right Mindset - Get insights on how to develop the mindset to align your thoughts and actions to achieve your desires goals. Success in anything begins in the mind. Our most powerful tools are our mind and mindset. What is “mindset”? Mindset is a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines your behavior, outlook and mental attitude. Your mindset can be your enemy or your friend; it can launch you forward or hold you back. If you "think" you are not living at your potential then attend this session.

    Week of 06/13/2021
    06/15 - Imagination - Ideation - Realization $ - This session provides you actions you can take to amplify your imagination which is your primary source for ideas. Every product, service, problem solution begins with an idea. You will learn processes for generating more ideas (quantity) and for assessing the best ideas (qualitative). Attend this session if you are considering launching a business, campaign, product/services, or seeking a solution. Attendees receive a coupon for a free personal/professional growth book.

    06/17 - Reverse Aging - What is It and is It Possible? $ - This is not sci-fi but it is based in science. In this session, you will learn about why we age, the things you cannot control, understanding reverse aging. and the things you can control to suppress your aging process. This is not science-fiction, magic pills, or hocus pocus. What you will learn is based on medical science. Attendees receive a coupon for a free personal/professional growth book. Sorry but there is no magic pill.

    Registration is required to attend all of our sessions.

I M WELL Engagement

  • Challenges

    Engage with others as you take on challenges to improve your health & wellness[…]

  • Group Coaching

    Step up your health and wellness by participating in group coaching sessions[…]

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    Receive individualized coaching to meet your specific growth needs[…]

  • reIMagine Wellness

    Employee well-being is the foundation for long-term success[…]

  • Virtual Summit

    Step up your health and wellness by participating in group coaching sessions[…]

  • Tools & Resources

    We recommend tools & resources to assist you on your health and wellness journey[…]

I M Challenging You To Live Better!

Take part in I M WELL Health & Wellness Challenges to jumpstart your health and wellness journey. You will receive challenges throughout the week to encourage and empower you to improve your health and wellness and goal-setting. The challenges are broad to allow you to improvise to accommodate your lifestyle.


  • One of three I M WELL Health & Wellness engagement modes
  • To encourage, educate, and empower participants to own their health and wellness
  • To provide and exchange health & wellness information
  • To serve as a source for accountability partners
  • To inspire and motivate one another to live a better life
  • To encourage preventive healthcare
  • IS NOT a competition
  • IS NOT a platform to promote any specific path, diet, or lifestyle


Health & Wellness Virtual Summit 2021

This summit will be a series of virtual lectures, panel discussions, and interactive sessions to encourage, educate and empower you to start or continue on your health and wellness journey. The sessions will be led by medical professionals, trainers, coaches, instructors, and other experienced individuals who will share their knowledge and insight to assist you in owning your health and wellness. The first session will be a panel discussion on the topic "How to Start Your Health & Wellness Journey" that will provide tips and recommendations for getting started.

Let's get better together!

You don't have to take the journey alone.
Connecting with others is key to your health and wellness.

I M WELL in conjuction with Professional Executive Program uses Xcellere Professional Performance Management (XPPM) tool developed by eblackwidow.com, LLC. XPPM is a framework and suite of tools for developing high-performing professionals. XPPM assists individuals with identifying and managing their professional development objectives and goals.

Xcellere is taken from the Latin word "excellere" which means "to be eminent; to excel; to rise; to surpass”.

eblackwidow and Professional Executive Program are
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I M WELL is an I M Brand

I M WELL is an I M Possible Mall (I M) (www.IMpossiblemall.com) brand. The I M portfolio is comprised of over 100 integrated businesses and brands that focus on human potentiality by providing personal, professional, and organizational development products, services, and resources.