What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health focuses on the well-being of the "whole" person and not just the physical body. Holistic health has expanded the view of health to include wellness and other aspects of who we are as individuals.

The typical holistic health paradigm focuses on the mind, body, and spirit individually and the interdependency with the understanding that one aspect of the triad affects one or more of the others.

It is known that stress which is a psychological (mental) issue can cause physical ailments such as high blood pressure, headaches, and lack of sleep. All these ailments can lead to additional physical issues. The reverse can occur such that physical ailments can cause mental stress or depression. Worrying about the cost of one's healthcare can cause one to have mental stress. Spirituality focuses on one's sence of being which is rooted in their "connectedness" to themselves and all that is around them. This connectedness includes intimate relationships, social connections, and sense of purpose. Spirituality should not be confused or viewed synonmously with religion though some may base their spirituality on their religious beliefs. Studies have shown that having close relationships lowers one's blood pressure, improves one's stress levels, and increases the likelihood of someone recurperating or surviving an illness.

Holistic health looks at more than your symptoms and seeks to understand your entire story as it relates to your illness and wellness. In doing so, holistic health tends to be more personalized as healthcare should be. Holistic health and wellness incorporates preventive measures than soely focusing on the treatment the symptoms of the illness. Holistic health is not alternative or naturopathic medicine and is not a replacement for conventionall medical advice or treatments. It may complement all of these medical approaches.

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Building a healthier community begins with building healthier individuals which requires that each of us owns our health and wellness.

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