Welcome to I M WELL Health & Wellness Challenge! (The Challenge) is an open, freestyle, improvisational approach to improving your health and wellness. This means that you choose your path, actions, and pace. The Challenge began in 2016 only focusing on exercise and diet. It has continuously evolved over the years along with the I M WELL concept and is aligned with the I M WELL 10 Pillars for a balanced lifestyle.

If you are new to engaging in health and wellness, or if you have specific health concerns, or life challenges, we encourage you to modify an of the challenge to fit your situation, schedule, resources, starting point, and goals. The challenges are broad and general enough to allow you to improvise. A good plan is one that is realistic and achievable. Your goal is to remain committed to staying in the game! Don't seek perfection. Seek progress. Small actions each day are better than no actions at all.

The Challenge Overview

  • Promotes a holistic approach to health and wellness
  • One of three I M WELL Health & Wellness engagement modes
  • To encourage, educate, and empower participants to own their health and wellness
  • To provide and exchange health & wellness information
  • To serve as a source for accountability partners
  • To inspire and motivate one another to live a better life
  • To encourage preventive healthcare
  • IS NOT a competition
  • IS NOT a platform to promote any specific path, diet, or lifestyle

The Challenge provides fundamental knowledge to educate participants on the aspects of health & wellness and challenges them to apply the knowledge. The knowledge includes proper nutrition, exercise, mediation, macro and micro nutrients, recipes, financial, social, and environmental wellness; stress, sleep, weight, and energy management; and more.

The Challenge focuses on holistic health & wellness principles and does not mandate or encourage any specific health and wellness plan. Participants choose their own health and wellness path based on where they currently are on their journey and what works best for them. Each week a plan of action (POA) that includes challenges to improve one or more of the 10 Pillars is posted on our website.

The Challenge shares supporting knowledge, tips, and links to resources, and access to products and tools that are useful to a health and wellness plan. The challenges become more inspiring and demanding to move participants out of their comfort zone to drive growth bringing participants closer to realizing their health and wellness goals.

Participant Requirements
Show up! An old adage says that “Ninety-five percent of winning is showing up.” You must commit to your health and wellness journey. The I M WELL network and platform provides the inspiration, motivation, and knowledge but you have to take responsibility of your health and wellness. Show up and meet the challenges. Seek & Share. You must be an active participant which means contributing to the knowledge repository. This means sharing your goals, milestone achievements, plans, techniques, etc. You must contribute new knowledge as this grows the community. You must be a producer as well as a consumer of knowledge.

Additional rules & requirements:

  1. You must remain engaged during the journey. Nothing changes until you do!
  2. Read the Pursuit of Greatness governance document for knowledge sharing at pog.IMpossiblemall.com as I M WELL adheres to those standards.
  3. Share your name and email address.
  4. Share your goals such as desired weight loss or gain, to build muscle, to change vitals, to get off meds, etc.
  5. Share your approach such as nutrition, diet, meal planning; fitness methods and techniques; or any tools they use such as websites, apps, etc.
  6. You can choose to share your absolute metrics such as current weight but are required to share any changes (progress and setbacks) at designated time.
  7. Encourage/inspire others.
  8. Present challenges to the group to inspire others to step up their game.
  9. Respond to I M WELL challenges.
  10. Failure to respond to 3 challenges will lead to elimination from The Challenge
  11. Just start!

Right Mindset
The purpose of this journey is to make you healthier thus making you better. You should approach the journey with an open and positive mindset, and a willing spirit. To gain value from this Challenge, you must commit to engage in the process. Take on every challenge in your own way. Do not complain or compare as your words will poison your attitude. Do what you can as often as you can. This is not a competition between you and others but it is a battle between the old you and the new you. The old you seeks comfort. It is also stronger and can easily hold you hostage to the status quo. Keep a vision of the new you present in your mind. You can strengthen it by constantly feeding it your "WHY", your reason for being on this journey. A compelling "WHY" is superfood for the mind and spirit.

Other Engagement Opportunities for Better Health
The Challenge is one of three I M WELL modes of engagement. The other two include group coaching and one-on-one coaching. Group coaching is more detailed than The Challenge, and one-on-one is the most customized solution. Coaching services (health and wellness, life, etc.) are provided by our sister company, Professional Executice Program.

For more information email us: IMWELL@IMpossiblemall.com